The Process

The process will always be thorough. I take great pride in thoroughly researching everything to do with your brand and business. This leads me to breaking down every element I already know, deconstructing and redefining. Knowing what is happening with your target audience and your competitors helps me to make sure all the work produced for you not only stands out and attracts your target audience but stands out from your competitors as well. 


Responding to the researching is where the creative juices start flowing! This begins with several concept designs, concepts are quick ideas showing a look and feel but with little refinement, this is to narrow down the ideas that speak to you the most. After supplying those concepts we can discuss what you may like and dislike from those concepts. 

After discussing the concepts we have a better mutual understanding of the ideas and style you would like represented, we then use that to refine into developments, from here more refining takes place before we come up with the final work that everybody is happy with.